The detection system is based on a test conducted in a water environment. The package being tested is placed in a chamber which is partially filled with water. The package is then pushed under the water line with a fixed vertical holder.

Utilizing the principles of compressed air and the Venturi jet, a vacuum is generated in the air pocket above the water line. The submerged package inflates. The testing time is only a few seconds.

If there is a porousness in the material or the welded edge of the packaging, it will be evident by the flow of air or gas bubbles trough the water.

This is especially important as it can show where errors could occur in the packaging process, for example the foil could be welded poorly, which could lead to the package failing to seal properly on the welding point.

In cases where the product is expected to be delivered via airplane, , LEAK-TESTER BP 550 is recommended for the height simulation test.

The LEAK-TESTER BP 550 is most often used in the food industry.