Machine for automatic forming of open carton trays.

Carton forms are loaded into the machine manually by the machine operator. The machine automatically sorting, grouping and conveying one carton after the other into the next position, preparing them for the next steps. Sensors control how full the carton magazine is, which ensures that the magazine will never be empty.

A vacuum system like a hand with four suction cups, grabs one carton and positions it on the guide which pushes the carton into the forming tools. This module conveys the carton further to the forming module. In this part the glue gun applies hot glue to precisely defined points on each part of the carton which is then formed and glued.

When the carton reaches the forming module, each carton already has the hot glue applied. The cartons are then positioned in the forming tool which presses the carton and forms it into a U shape. Sides of the carton are placed into the final position; side wings are sealed i placed at 90°.

The tray is formed and is conveyed to the exit module of the machine.

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