This machine is designed for use in the food industry with the purpose of filling small containers with marmalade, jams and similar dense liquid fruit products, with or without pieces of fruit.

This machine is automatic as the presence of an operator is only required for placing the small containers on the conveyor and their removal from the conveyor after they are filled.

The operative mass is delivered gravitationally directly from the vacuumed cooking container.

The operations cycle continues until the operator is warned that one of the entrances are out of raw materials, or the exit is overfilled.

The machine has four doser heads.

The machine capacity is different for different containers, and is at 30-45 containers per minute, at:

  • Max 1800 kg per hour for containers of 1000 g volume,
  • Min 750 kg per hour for jars of 240 g volume.

Two types of packaging are recomended:

  • Plastic containers, shaped like rectangular glasses, volumes of 400/700/1000g: plastic cover.
  • Glass jars, volumes of 240/340/440/850g. Cover with a vacuum middle part for screwing closed. Jars are hand screwed closed.

Welding the foil from a roll onto the plastic containers.

The entire machine i made of stainless steel approved for use in the food industry.